Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hopefully this blog answers all your questions about our move!

I thought I'd write a brief summary to explain why we are moving the end of this month as everyone keeps asking me individually and I can't remember who I've told and who I haven't.

Jon and I moved from St. Paul, MN in 2003 to start a new life in CA. Back then we didn't know what we wanted to do when we "grew up". We were still searching for the things that mattered to us, and there were things in CA we wanted to pursue. While we were here we discovered so many things about ourselves. The first thing we found out was that we were very disconnected as a couple, and we needed help to fall in love again - and stay in love. We didn't know there was a better way, or how to be different. And now that we know what it's like to be connected on a daily basis, we can't imagine going back to the old way.

We learned how to be different parents. We realized that kids need to feel powerful too, and that by giving them choices and giving them the respect we would like as adults, we can remain connected to their heart through out their life. We also learned that kids are professional mistake makers, and it is not our job to keep them from making mistakes, but rather helping them navigate their way through it when they do.

Jon learned that he has a passion to be a business owner, not just an employee. So since 2004 he has been part owner in a financial investment company. Changing his mindset from an employee to an owner was an adjustment for the whole family. You don't just clock out at the end of your day when you're an owner. He has grown so much and learned so much that he is ready to pursue even bigger dreams in the business world. In 2008 the majority of our company was bought out by a group called "Mariner Wealth Advisors" in Kansas. The CEO of this company is the adopted son of the man who started Pizza Hut, so you can imagine he has a lot of wealth to manage. His vision is to build a company that provides every imaginable tool and product to help individuals, families, and corporations manage their wealth.

We are still minority owners in the company and our partners are spread out all over the place, some in WI, some in CA, and now some in Kansas. We are the only ones who were able to move to Kansas to strengthen this new partnership with Mariner. So, we're going for it!

I learned that the things I'm most passionate about are social justice issues, and coaching people on relational issues. I have several different things I'd like to start pursuing when we get to Kansas. I have been thinking about going back to school for photo-journalism. I love taking pictures and I love writing, and I love talking about things that need to change in our culture. I also look forward to volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies. And because of connections we have, I'm kicking around the idea of volunteering to be on Sam Brownback's campaign (senator of Kansas, soon running for governor of the state).

So, a lot of change for the Franklin family coming. I will miss the mountains, I will miss the ocean. I will miss the AMAZING warm winters here. I will miss the dear friends and mentors we met. I will miss my house that we poured so many hours of blood sweat and tears into. But I am excited for the change, for this new season that is opening up before us. I'm kind of digging the idea of seeing Jon in a suit and tie every day as well, there's just something about that hem....ok back to the blog.

Oh, and the other question I get asked all the time is, how do the boys feel about this? Well, they are not super excited and they are bummed to say goodbye to the life they have here. Which tells me we did a good job of building something good for them. And, that also tells me that we can do it again in a new place. I keep encouraging them to be hopeful for the future. There are good things ahead of us. Yes, it is difficult to say goodbye to the things you love. But change can be really good, and this could be an amazing adventure for our family. So, they are accepting the idea more and more everyday.

That is the update on our lives and what is coming for us in the near future. We close on our house end of the month and plan to be packed up and on the road by Oct. 29th. We appreciate your support for us, and we'll keep you updated as much as we can!