Thursday, May 20, 2010

Start Your Day Off Right!

This morning I saw this video on Facebook and it was just what I needed to start my day off right! I have had a crazy month of activity including a HUGE garage sale, several miscellaneous appointments, birthday parties, goodbye parties, school recitals, and more! I was starting to feel like life was just taking over.

I was also starting to feel like everyone else seems to do life better than me. Do you ever get in that mode where you begin to compare yourself to those around you? I should know better, that kind of thinking never puts me in a good mood. The problem is, there is always going to be someone that does something better than me. Like, there has to be a million women out there who are skinnier than me, and managed to lose more than 10 FREAKIN pounds over the course of 9 months! There has to be a million women who have a cleaner house than me (who am I kidding, 2 million!). Surely there are at least a million people that blog better than I do. There are better parents than me, better wives than me, better sisters than me, better cooks than me, and the list could go on and on and on forever!

But then I saw this video. And today I'm going to take instruction from a little girl with a big idea. "Out of the mouth of babes..." right? Well I hope you can follow my lead today (or rather Jessica's lead). Drop the negative self-dialogue, drop the comparisons, and just repeat after Jessica..."I can do anything good, I like my hair, I like my body, I like my husband, I like my kids, I like my house, my whole house is great, I can do anything yeah yeah yeah yeah..."


  1. I really don't think there are better wives then you...

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!! soooo good!!!! and there are no better best friends. BELIEVE ME. :)

    I was talking to someone this morning who was comparing himself with others while we were talking and I kept thinking about how limited his perspective was because he only knew a small part of their story. I drove away thinking about the danger of comparison. It was strange, as I thought about it I actually felt a coldness come over my bones as I realized how competition and comparison can literally paralyze people from moving forward. Maybe I was living out your blog??? :)

    I think if we only looked at the race we have set before us we would run it so much better!! Competition is a killer it leads to ambition and that makes us do everything out of order. And when we build out of order, it just collapses in the end. If we just focused on our race and what we could do today and we actually DID IT, imagine what we would build??


  3. Thanks to my two biggest supporters! I love you both so much and I value your input. That's so cool Erica that this topic was on your heart today too.

  4. I loved this video..posted it to my fb