Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Pro-Life Movement is the Human Rights Movement of our Day

Last night I couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning about abortion. I had read an article that was tearing Sarah Palin to shreds because she believed in a culture of life, even in the case of rape or incest. A woman wrote this article, and claimed to be on the cutting edge of feminism, power to the women! It’s amazing how someone like that can see through such a different lense than what I see things through. I would never see abortion as something that empowers women. I see abortion as a tool used by the enemy of our souls to destroy women and children. The wounding that takes place in your soul upon having an abortion can only be supernaturally healed afterwards by a loving God, but even then, the scars remain.

What makes people think that having an abortion would be less damaging to a woman than giving birth to a baby born of rape or incest? And people get up on their high horse about that issue, saying to someone who is pro-life with thick disgust in their voice, “how could you ever possibly demand a woman carry a child after she has been so horribly violated?” I would demand it because it is what is best for that woman and for her child. Ending someone’s life is never the answer. You cannot undo a wrong with another wrong.

On that same subject, let’s talk statistics. On several websites the results were conclusive, 1% of all abortions are done due to rape or incest. If I could get all the pro-choicers (or pro-abortionists) to agree that this would be the only exception to abortion, I would do it at this point. If it meant reducing the number of abortions from 1.3 million a year in this country to 13,000, yes I would agree to that. However, I would not stop there. I would keep campaigning until I got that number down to zero. Why? For so many reasons.

The first reason is this; who is fighting for baby’s rights? I’m all for women’s rights. I am a woman and I have felt the oppression against me growing up and I don’t like it. But a woman’s “right” ends when it infringes upon the rights of another human being. A baby has just as much of a right to live as a woman has the right to choose to not have sex if she doesn’t want to get pregnant. All human rights exist only when it does not negatively affect another human being’s right. As a mother of 4 boys, I know what it is to give birth to a baby, hold him in your arms, and know what kind of protection he needs. He needs me to advocate for him, he is tiny and helpless and cannot do it for himself. The same is true for him while he is inside the womb. If his own mother cannot or will not advocate for him and protect his precious life, then I must. We must.

CBS news conducted a poll in 2005 showing 53% of Americans to be pro-life. In 2006 the poll showed that number increasing to 55% ( Mainstream liberal media would have you believe that the majority of Americans are pro-choice, or pro-abortion. But they are NOT.

I have two questions I’d like to end with. To the pro-choice, pro-abortion community: Would you still fight with fervor to see abortions legal in this country if all financial gain were removed from the equation? All abortions would have to be done by volunteers and all monies raised by non-profit organizations to support the cause. I believe there would be some extremists who remain in the game because they really believe in the cause, but take away the profitable side of abortion and you would see a DRASTIC decrease in the number of abortions performed in this country every year. Don’t fool yourself that abortion has nothing to do with money.

To the pro-life community: Would you vote to end abortion if it meant that you personally would have to take in a woman in a crisis pregnancy to care for her, disciple her, encourage her, and help her raise that baby? 68.7% of women who abort their babies claim to be either protestant or catholic. That statistic is devastating to me. The church is the loudest voice in this cause and yet it is also in many cases the reason women turn to abortion. Let’s end a culture of punishment and shame and put our “money where our mouth is” to create a culture of actual help and support to women in crisis pregnancies.

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